Camera's become more and more deployed to support various processes in safety, healthcare, traffic, industry, etc.
The large amounts of video images generated by these camera's can not be viewed live by people.

Precise and reliable video-analysis with increasingly essential to get real-time information from camera's.


Supporting clients through precise and reliable information from videoimages with managing their complex processes.


Safety and security software for Elderly homes


Your vision in health care

SmarterCare healthcaresoftware.

  • Reliable supervision in the personal environment of elderly.
  • Supporting caretakers in the PG and the SG
  • Safety and tranquillity in the healthcare
  • Privacy guaranteed
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Your vision in security

SmarterGuard safetysoftware

  • Monitoring your sites, buildings and possessions.
  • Protection against breaking and entering, burglary, unauthorized acces, etc.
  • High reliability and precision.
  • Turns a camera into an active security guard
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Your vision in traffic management

SmarterTrack traffic analysis

  • Precision tracking of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Applicable for real-time insight and off-line traffic analysis
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SmarterVision was founded in the summer of 2013 from a fusion of SmarterEE and DySI Analytics
resulting in a combination of advanced video-analysis and big-data,
with roots in computer vision, artificial intelligence and astronomy.

Real-time video-analysis is eminently a "big-data" challenge.
Through this mindset about the application of video
is SmarterVision able to offer the best solutions to her clients.

Naam Functie
Eugène de Geus Algemeen Directeur
Elly Bishop Management Assistant
John Beuving VCA Product Manager
Irmo van den Berge Software Engineer
Niels Palmans Software engineer
Lars Sibum Software Engineer


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+316 50 492 887